Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sleepy squirrel

Today I sewed this hot-water bottle cosy:

The pattern was in Sew Hip issue 25, with templates for the applique squirrel. It was very easy.  I made a couple of changes - I used white fleece instead of felt for the main pieces, and I left off the rick-rack trim - which I think may have been a mistake. It looks a little too plain without it. I think I also misplaced the applique slightly, so this will most likely be a practice version that stays in our house.

It has to be said that dd has already identified this as "cute", so possibly the squirrel will end up sleeping in her room!

Earlier this week, I got almost to the end of my camper van - and ran out of yarn. More has arrived, and I hope to finish this soon, but it also depends on finding some large buttons for the wheels. There were only two in the right colour in John Lewis.

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