Saturday, 17 December 2011

Clementine cake

I used to make Nigella's clementine cake as a regular seasonal treat, until How to Eat was superseded by How to Be a Domestic Goddess, when it was usurped by snow-topped spice cake. But this year, I think I will make both. After all, everyone likes cake, and as the clementine cake contains fresh clementines, it must count as reasonably healthy - or is this just wishful thinking?

My clementines were rather large, so I only had to simmer three. This is what they looked like after two hours:

To make the cake, you whizz the cooked clementines in the blender, and then mix the pulp with the other ingredients and bake for an hour. The finished cake looks quite plain:

But when cut in slices, it is deliciously damp and orange-flavoured:

Mmm. I think maybe it won't last the week...

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  1. It looks delicious - I might make one too and add some cranberries. I have a tendency to try and add cranberries to everything at this time of year! :)