Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A lesson in sewing jersey

I've had my sewing machine since 1982, and last Sunday was the first time I ever used stitch pattern setting no. 2: triple stretch stitch.

This was because I made my first foray into sewing with jersey. I've never tried to do this before, as too intimidated by the stories of how hard it is to sew with stretch fabrics. But actually, it wasn't too bad, even though I didn't have a blunt-tipped needle. (I will get one for next time!)

Here's my super-stylish Superdry cushion made out of one of dd's discarded Tshirts. I cut out a square with the logo for the front, and used the back and bottom front to make the back envelope pieces. The logo isn't centred owing to its position on the tee.

I stitched the label into one of the side seams, for fun.

If you decide to try and make something out of jersey and using the special stitch on your machine, do take care to pin correctly. It is really difficult to unpick the resulting seam. (Go on, ask me how I know!)

It looks blue on my monitor, but in fact, this Tshirt is a blue-green colour. I still have the Tshirt sleeves left, and I'm quite tempted by this little piece of whimsy:

It's a craft project in a back issue of Mollie Makes. I might look for some more old green Tshirts and maybe make it some time.

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  1. Very nice:) I sew jersey quite a lot, and it is a lot easier than all the propaganda would lead you to believe!