Thursday, 15 December 2011

Stock Taking

Recently I had a clearing-out frenzy at home, in the course of which, I cataloged my yarn stash (why yes, I am a Ravenclaw student. Why do you ask?!?)

Since I took this photo, I added another four skeins each of Knit Picks Telemark sport and Stroll sock yarn. As a baseline right now, my stash comprises 50 whole balls, 68 partial balls and 27 scraps (each less than half a skein).

I keep my yarn in these two baskets:

As you can see, my yarn no longer fits comfortably inside the baskets. And this photo was taken after I'd donated a large bag of yarn to a knitting group at church, and before the arrival of the last eight balls.

I realise my stash is small compared to some other knitters', but I'm still not happy with its size. I want to reduce it in 2012, as part of a general drive towards having less stuff.

How will I do this?

  1. I will always look for stash options first when I want to knit something.
  2. I will finish one project from stash before I may purchase new yarn for another project. If I can stick to this, it should stop my stash from growing any more.
  3. I will only buy new yarn when I have a specific project for it in mind. No more buying yarn because I like the look of it, or it is on sale. 

Here's to the baskets closing by next Christmas!

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