Monday, 16 January 2012

Indigo pinwheels

The main problem I'm having with the rainbow quilt is finding time to work on it. Because I want it to be a surprise, I can only do this when dd is out of the house, and since it's cold, it has been the holidays, and she has exams in January so is now doing revision, that's not very often.

Dd was working (she volunteers in a local charity shop) on Saturday afternoon, so I seized the chance to sew these pinwheel squares, which will eventually be the indigo panel. Had to put them away before sewing together though.

Mmm, pinwheels. Top tips (or, what I learned from my mistakes!)

  • Press seams to one side when making the triangles
  • Pin, unfold and and check the alignment of both pinned sections before sewing together, unless you want to wield the seam- ripper
  • It is easiest to sew the pinwheels together if the pressed seams are in opposite directions.

I'm liking the finished pinwheel squares and best of all, I only had to buy one FQ of indigo fabric - the one with the little people on it. All the others came from stash, and include a pair of my old Monsoon shorts from the 1990s. Which is consistent with my decluttering policy for 2012.

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