Sunday, 1 January 2012

Plans for 2012

Overall, I was pleased with last year's crafting progress. Although I didn't achieve a balance between knitting and sewing, I did learn to crochet and finished two long-term items from my languishing list.

In 2012 my top crafting objective is to reduce my yarn stash. I already wrote about my stashdown plans: I want my yarn stash to fit easily into the two baskets, and I certainly want to finish the year with fewer skeins than I started with.

As to other crafting objectives, I've come to the conclusion that it will be impossible for me to achieve a balance between knitting / crochet and sewing as long as I'm playing in the Rav Harry Potter House Cup. So I won't set that as a target this year. Instead I'll just aim to achieve a minimum of 12 completed sewing projects over the year, with the rainbow quilt counted as multiple projects, one for each pattern instruction (printed in parts) I complete.

I'm not going to worry at all about the last incomplete long term FO that is on my Languishing list. I will however try not to add to that list.

On the non-crafting front, I want to do more cultural things, especially with the children; I want to support dd through her A Level journey and help ds to improve his handwriting; I want all of us to go on holiday.

And that perpetual aim: stay employed, so I can afford to do all of the above.

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