Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Stashdown2012: report #1

I intend to post a quick summary of my stashdown progress at the end of every month this year. Here's my first update.

Used up:
150 yards of dishcloth cotton (3 dishcloths)
about 30 yards of Rico essential cotton (2 apple key ring tags)
500 yards of sock yarn (1 pair socks complete, one underway)
70 yards of Sirdar country style dk in my stash so long, it predates Ravelry!

450 yards of Cygnet wool rich 4-ply  - because I didn't have the right weight in black and yellow to complete this little tea cosy:

General direction of travel is positive, as 750 yards of yarn has gone out and only 450 came into my stash in January. 


  1. that is gorgeous. well done. claire

  2. Thanks! It has also been nominated for a prize, in a group I belong to. I'm honoured!