Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Case of the Kindle

My dh gave me a kindle for my birthday last month. (I didn't write anything about my birthday at the time, because frankly, what's another birthday when you are as old as I am now?!)

A kindle is consistent with my reduce and de-clutter policy. Even though I've been sworn off new book purchases for a while, I've still been accruing books as gifts, second-hand books and sewing/knitting magazines. An e-reader won't add any more actual books to my shelves - at least, that's the theory.

I had this idea I would take my kindle out and about for reading opportunities, only I haven't yet, as I was worried about it getting scratched or otherwise damaged whilst rattling around in my bag.

But I have now knitted a kindle cosy:

So next week when I take ds to his swimming class, I'll be able to catch up with the latest case of Agatha Raisin!

This was a stashdown project also, as I used yarn already in stash, and repurposed a button off a pair of discarded trousers. The pattern was this nook cozy (free pattern), worked in 4mm needles with dk yarn.

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