Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sewing green

On Friday, at last I had a day when I was at home, dd was out of the house, and my sewing machine was back from the repair shop. So obviously, I made the most of it, and completed the green parts of the rainbow quilt.

It was my first ever attempt at log-cabin squares, and I'm not sure I really achieved the light versus dark contrast adequately. Most of my green fabrics seemed to fall in the mid-green range, so it was quite hard to differentiate - I did try, but think I was more successful in the left square, below, than in the right one.

I looked again at my violet section and it isn't really that bad (thanks for saying this, Claire, as you helped me to know it!) so I didn't re-sew it. I sewed the violet border pieces yesterday also, so it looks like I only have the yellow sections left now. That one is stars (gulp. I'm a bit scared).

Also, I have to source backing and border fabric. I'm inclined to use a plain, dark colour this time, if anyone has any  suggestions for this that won't break the bank, please write this in the comments box. Feedback very welcome!


  1. i would use a plain border with a patterned back but it will be hard to choose which colour theme to go with. perhaps you should wait till the whole top is completed first?

  2. I have a chambray blue sheet that I think will work for the reverse, but not sure what to do about the front borders. I'm inclining to black, at present, but you're right, I need to wait till I've pieced the whole top before i make a decision about that.