Friday, 10 February 2012


I wanted to post more quilt progress this week, but I've encountered a snag. There is something wrong with the tension of my sewing machine. This shot of one of the purple hearts indicates the problem - look at the zig-zag applique stitching; there shouldn't be a central line in it (you may need to click on the photo to see an enlarged version).

I got right to the end of the violet panel whilst I was in denial! What, my machine not working properly? Surely not...

I'm resigned to re-sewing the whole panel, but I think I'll be able to re-use most of the fabric in the violet scraps border sections.

My machine is now in the repair shop. That shop sells new machines too, and I am torn between sentimental commitment to my old Jones - over 30 years old, (but I only just learned to use the triple-stretch stitch!) - and the possibility of a shiny new one that has a much greater range. Mine only has four stitches!

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  1. looks fine to me. will it not be servicable without pulling it all back? Mistakes have to be horrific before I ever correct them!