Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Stashdown2012: #2

I am stashing down! Oh yeah baby! I haven't been near a yarn shop this month, or bought any yarn on-line, so there were no additions at all. Hurray.

And I have used up:
  • 100 yds dishcloth cotton (2 dishcloths). I now only have 5 partial balls of this left - down from 12+ at the start of the year
  • 450 yards Rowan cotton jeans - just under six balls out of 8 used up. I expect to have none of this left by end March 
  • 130 yards of Twilleys freedom spirit DK 
  • 150 yards of Babylonglegs sock yarn = Just over one sock. I will finish the second next month!
  • Scraps of Cygnet superwash dk and Wendy merino dk
That means over 800 yards down in February.

Here's more evidence of stashing down this month - simple fingerless mittss made out of Freedom Spirit dk.

Next month I will definitely be using the rest of the cotton jeans, more of the Babylonglegs sock yarn, and stashed yarn for my final pair of Arithmancy OWL socks.

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