Friday, 17 February 2012


It's been exceedingly wintry in England in the last few weeks.

Our road, when covered in snow, makes an excellent sledging run.

I spent a lovely afternoon out there with ds, but then anxiously waited for the snow to melt, as I was due to head north for half term week. It duly did, although some was still about on higher ground.

The photo below was taken from the top of Sutton Bank near Thirsk in North Yorkshire, where ds and I enjoyed a lovely walk.

We walked along the bank top to the White Horse at Kilburn.

It was still very cold, so cold that the pond at Coxwold remains frozen:

(We didn't scatter the bread for the bird life. Small amounts of bread is OK for birds, but it shouldn't be mostly what they eat. Look at the RSPB site for more info, if you want to help birds survive a cold spell in winter.)

Whilst I was away, in an exact repetition of two years ago, dd used up all her inclusive mobile minutes and ran up a huge phone bill. She is now in my bad books. Also, there will be no more clothes allowance until the bill is covered!

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