Saturday, 17 March 2012


After I posted on here yesterday, I looked back at my blog entry, and said "oh no!". Because I noticed in the photo, I had placed one of the star tips upside down in the yellow section. I had to unpick quite a few seams to fix it. However, I have fixed it, and sewed on the remaining sections also.

Here's what my quilt pieces look like now.

I laid them out like this, trying to make a decision about the border fabrics. I have a large blue chambray sheet, which is one option. But I rather think the panel looks best with a white border, in which case I can use the blue for backing. Thinking it over... I must decide, and buy wadding, this week. There are only a few weeks left before dd's birthday now.

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  1. It is absolutely lovely and I agree, the white looks best, it highlights the border better. How are you going to quilt it?