Friday, 23 March 2012

Lots of socks

I am sock knitting this term, in an effort to improve my sock-knitting skills  I had a plan to make four pairs of socks by the end of March.

I finished these socks first, back in January:

They were in the Knitting Book by Frederica Patmore. Nice knit, but possibly a bit on the large size for me. It was only given in  one size, to fit women's medium, and I have only little feet. I tried to compensate by using my smallest needles, but I could have done with going down even smaller. I used Knit Picks stroll tonal yarn to make these - it's lovely.

Then I knitted a pair of socks in Ravenclaw colours. As HP reader fans will know, Ravenclaw colours according to the written text are blue and bronze, not the blue and silver used on screen. I worked from a pattern in Charmed Knits and used more Knit Picks stroll sock yarn. For bronze, I used a shade called Agate Heather.

After that I knitted Hermione's Every Day socks (link is to free pattern). This time I used some Babylonglegs sock yarn that had been sitting in my yarn stash since Feb 2010. Rather pleased with these, although there was a little patch of pooling on both socks. Funny it was in roughly the same place on each sock, too.

The fourth pair is these owls socks, which I'm knitting using a ball of Schoppelwolle Zauberball, also from stash. This shade is called Shadows. It's lovely, although possibly I should have ensured the cabled owl sections fell in the lighter parts of the yarn. Never mind, I'm clearly going for subtle here.

If I get this last pair finished by 12 midnight Pacific Time on 31st March, I will secure an Arithmancy OWL badge (and 100 points for Ravenclaw House). I have about three-quarters of the last sock to go. Wish me luck!

Edits: Final socks done, 28 March:

And, better photos of the other socks added, 30 Mar.

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