Sunday, 4 March 2012


Yesterday, I went to the Minifolk market in West Bridgford. On the flyer it said: "recycled, vintage, old and new, clothes and toys and things to do".

I've found the quality of local crafts fairs to be variable, but this one was a pretty good one. There were sewn items, card-makers and illustrators, children's clothes, machine-knitting, cupcakes - proper crafts stalls staffed by the makers, not imported stuff being sold as "craft". There were also various second-hand stalls - mainly toys and kids' clothes; sale stock generally high quality (and I am fussy!)  It would be a good place to take your small-ish children, as there were hands-on children's crafts, and a small cafe area also.

If you live locally and want to take a look in person, Minifolk are having another event at the Lady Bay All Hallows Church Hall, 10.30 to 1.30 on Saturday 17th March. I liked it so much yesterday, I might go again.

If you live further away, you can find your way to lots of the sellers through this website for Nottingham craft and creative businesses, where there are also links to various other local events and classes.

I did actually buy something at the fair:

This little lavender bag was made by Rachel Ainley. I asked where the fabric with a little picture of Canterbury Cathedral came from and Rachel explained she uses pictorial tea-towels in her work. She makes gorgeous coffee cosies as well. How clever! Actually, when she said this, it took me right back to when I made my tablecloth skirt (which I was still wearing last summer).

I felt a sudden urge to start buying souvenir tea-towels myself and working them into my kitchen sewing, so I picked up these two in the Oxfam shop later

But you can't expect to see these anytime soon. I MUST finish my rainbow quilt first.

I would like to make it clear, no-one paid me, or even asked me, to write this entry -  this is an independent and non-profit blog.


  1. some people are so talented aren't they. I can follow a pattern but am useless at thinking anything up for myself. I do have some old teatowels but just use them for drying pots!

  2. So thats what I need to do with the tea towels that my mum used to bring back from her holidays, and I didn`t know what to do with them!