Saturday, 10 March 2012

Posh laundry

I recently sewed this laundry bag. I would have blogged about it sooner, only I didn't take pictures till today.

I made it from a pattern (and templates) in Sew Hip magazine no. 39. The original version in the mag has embroidered words on it too, that say "posh pants" below the appliques, only I wasn't convinced my embroidery skills were up to that task, so I went for a simplified version. If you want to see the original, there is a picture in this blog post by the designer.

For my version, I re-purposed an ancient pillow case for the white sections, and used some Cath Kidston polka dot fabric I had in stash for the appliques. And I'm really happy with how my newly-serviced machine now manages applique!

This is going to be a birthday present. I'm thinking of making another for myself, in which case I may try the embroidery part. Will let you know!


  1. I saw that in Sew Hip and really liked it. You have done a great job. Just been reading your blog on the log cabin blocks. This block was the one I struggled with the most! You've done really well :)

  2. The bag looks great! Its really exciting to see someone else`s version of the design. I am sure your embroidery skills are up to it, it is just a very simple chain stitch.