Friday, 16 March 2012

Seeing stars

More rainbow quilt progress: I've now made the yellow stars section, and they were much easier than I anticipated. In fact, I'd say that the green log cabin section I did before was more difficult.

If you are making this quilt, errata alert! In the stars cutting list, the imperial conversion for the centre squares is incorrect, and should read 4 1/2 ins, not 5 1/2 ins. The metric 11 cms is correct though.

I feel quite sentimental about this section, because it has pieces from one of dd's little dresses, plus some of the fabric I used to sew her a cot duvet cover when she was a baby. This quilt is going to hold lots of memories by the time it's finished.

Then I made a start on quilt-top assembly. I had to put it away before I finished, as dd was expected back from school, but here's where I am so far:

Shaping up nicely!

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