Saturday, 31 March 2012

Stashdown #3

Continuing to stash down, it's now two months since I bought any yarn. Quite astonishing. During March, I used up:

  • 150 yards babylonglegs sock yarn - the second sock of the pair I started in February
  • 300 yards of Schoppelwolle Zauberball in another pair of socks
  • 180 yards of Rowan cotton jeans. I have only 15g of this left now, down from 8 skeins at the start of the year
  • About 150 yards of assorted yarns making some crocheted play food for my niece to use in her toy kitchen
  • 50 yards of JC Rennie 4-ply making a mini moon amigurumi. For no real reason! See below. I gave it to ds to play with, but it could be hung as a mobile in due course

If my maths is right, this means I knitted down 830 yards in March.

I sent a skein of Schoppelwolle - 400 yards - in a swap parcel. Does that count as stashing down? It certainly is no longer in my stash. On the other hand, I received 130 yards of dk yarn in a swap parcel. Net reduction: 270 yards.

Overall reduction in March taking these adjustments into account:  1000 yards.

Add this to the 1100 I decreased by over Jan (300 yards net) and Feb (800 yards) and the YTD reduction is 2100.

I shall most likely be doing no knitting next month, owing to it being the break month at Hogwarts. I am also going on holiday soon to a place which may involve yarn shops, so it's possible there may be some stash additions in April. I'll let you know!

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