Saturday, 28 April 2012

I sewed a rainbow


Yes, I finished it. And here it is in situ:

I bought 1.5 metres of the dark blue fabric for borders and binding as specified in the pattern but I only just had enough to complete the binding. I didn't get 8 x 6cm strips across the fabric width as instructed, but when I sewed together all the 6cm strips I could cut, some of which were rather short, I had just enough for continuous binding. There are only scraps of this fabric left, so if you are making this project and you'd rather not cut things really fine (pun not really intended!) I would buy an extra 0.5m to be sure of having enough.

Another tip for others: if I was making this again, I might also cut each of the final border pieces 2 inches wider. The finished quilt is 56 x 72 ins, so it works well on a single bed, but only just fits the width on a standard UK double bed. Or alternatively, it could be made double sized by using 6 coloured panels in each row instead of 5 and an 8 inch increase in the red and violet long border pieces.

It took me a bit longer than I anticipated but I am very happy with the result, and so is dd.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Quilt Top

I have been working away on the final parts of the rainbow quilt this weekend. On Saturday, I finished piecing the quilt top by adding the borders.

And to note: the papers on the table are for A-Level maths revision and are nothing to do with me. It's so much easier now I don't have to wait for dd to be out of the house to work on the quilt.

I took care to measure each side before I started cutting out the relevant border piece, but I still had to cut one twice. Never mind. I got there in the end.  On Sunday, I pinned the three layers together and began quilting:

The quilt is now sitting in a basket awaiting final binding:

So hopefully, the next time I post about this, we will collectively be able to celebrate the finish.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Wot, no blogging?

Rather ashamed of my recent lack of blog entries! In early April, I was gearing up for New York trip; since I came back, I've been a bit busy, and also rather lazy.

My third blog-iversary came and went unmarked. Dd's birthday also came and went, and I still hadn't finished her quilt. I reported on progress to her, though, and she was delighted - and very much surprised. I showed her the quilt panel to date and also consulted her on background colours. We have settled on a dark blue, as she points out, if she is taking it to college, it needs not to show coffee spills too much.

I do now have all the supplies in hand. Right now, the border fabric is in the washer to prevent later shrinkage, so I will hopefully be working on this again in a few days.

I also knitted a baby hat, but I gave it to my new baby niece before I photographed it. So I can't show you on here, but it was another upside down daisy hat (free pattern, but registration may be needed first) as my SIL admired the previous one I made for a friend's baby.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Big Apple

I expect you've been waiting to hear where we were going on our holidays and I can now reveal that dd and I have been away to New York for a few days.  Picture heavy post follows!

Of course we went to the top of the Empire State Building:
North  Manhattan from Empire State building.
Note the Chrysler building glittering away in the distance there. It was spectacular.

Here is dd in Central Park, location of a thousand movie scenes.

We were really lucky with the weather. Another glorious day, we cruised down the Hudson River:

View of Empire State Building and Chelsea Piers from Hudson River.
It's true about the American food portion sizes. I could never eat more than half of anything. Here's dd tackling breakfast:

Here's another classic breakfast location in New York - one immortalised in film:

Hint: Think Audrey Hepburn...
Of course I couldn't go to the States without a trip to the yarn shop:

Here I am discovering the magic! I bought 900 yards of Malabrigo laceweight and 400 yards of Koigu in a scarf kit. So much for my stash-down! Although I was pretty restrained overall:

We had a wonderful time.