Friday, 20 April 2012

Wot, no blogging?

Rather ashamed of my recent lack of blog entries! In early April, I was gearing up for New York trip; since I came back, I've been a bit busy, and also rather lazy.

My third blog-iversary came and went unmarked. Dd's birthday also came and went, and I still hadn't finished her quilt. I reported on progress to her, though, and she was delighted - and very much surprised. I showed her the quilt panel to date and also consulted her on background colours. We have settled on a dark blue, as she points out, if she is taking it to college, it needs not to show coffee spills too much.

I do now have all the supplies in hand. Right now, the border fabric is in the washer to prevent later shrinkage, so I will hopefully be working on this again in a few days.

I also knitted a baby hat, but I gave it to my new baby niece before I photographed it. So I can't show you on here, but it was another upside down daisy hat (free pattern, but registration may be needed first) as my SIL admired the previous one I made for a friend's baby.

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