Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Tangled Web

After I wrote my last blog post, I got two skeins of Araucania lonco multy out of a bag to wind.

It is lovely cotton 4-ply yarn in mainly blue shades - more blue than it looks in the above photo. I'm hoping it will become a knitted sleeveless top in time for the summer holidays.

But if you intend to use this yarn, do take extreme care to locate and undo the ties round the skein initially. Take your time; find them all. I'm afraid I was a little impatient with the first skein, and as a result ended up with about 300m to untangle. I had to waste rather a lot of time dealing with that.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Test Match weekend

Summer seems to have arrived in the UK along with the current Test Match. Here's a gratuitous shot of our garden in the sunshine this weekend:

Ds and I attempted to play cricket but retired defeated to the shade of the parasol. Instead we listened to the distant sound of the Trent Bridge cricket crowd, which we can hear in our garden, if there isn't too much wind. And as it was so warm, we fired up the barbecue on Saturday evening and ate under that parasol.

I also spent a very pleasant few hours over the weekend making up a photo album from dd's and my New York trip.

I'm not really a scrapbooker, so this probably isn't up to other people's standards, but nonetheless, I like to try and make my photo albums a little more interesting than just the photos.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Surprised bird!

I made ds an angry bird, only it looks more surprised than angry:

I used a free crochet pattern and assorted dk yarn from stash, plus buttons for the eyes. If I made another, I'd crochet an extra circle of increases round the eyes and make them a bit bigger.

Ds likes the FO, though. That's good!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I'll say this for the House Cup, it surely encourages me to make odd things just for fun.

Like this little knitted hedgehog, allegedly for the storage of pins:

And this:

Do you like crocheted green eggs and ham?

Currently on the needles/hook: fingerless mitts for Alice to wear in Wonderland, and a crocheted cardinal angry bird.

whimsywhimsey [ˈwɪmzɪ]
n pl -sies-seys
1. a capricious idea or notion
2. light or fanciful humour
3. something quaint or unusual

We knitters (and crocheters) haz it in spades.

Monday, 7 May 2012


I should be knitting, but I seem to have a disregard for the needles this week. I did a little sewing instead at the weekend. Here's the result:

I adapted it slightly as the applique tree should have gone on to a quilted base, only my quilting was not up to scratch so I abandoned it. I'm only a beginner, so mine is just an applique and not a quilted pillow. It is a little wonky and also, on reflection I think using a brighter colour palette would have been preferable. Might have to consider this one a prototype.

The pattern was from issue 1 of the ill-fated Modern Quilting Magazine. It seems that issue 2 will never reach the shops. The company who published it, along with Sew Hip magazine, has just gone into administration. I know some people disparaged Sew Hip, but I thought it was good for people like me, who like sewing and maybe did a bit at school but who lack confidence and so are looking for reasonably simple patterns with step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures. I had a look at the alternatives whilst in the newsagent this weekend and really, I think there is now a gap in the market. Maybe someone else will jump in and fill it!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stashdown2012: #4

In April my stashdown was... a stash up!

When I blogged about my New York trip, you'll have noticed I mentioned a yarn shop. My stash grew as follows:
  • 940 yards Malabrigo lace
  • 400 yards (estimate by weight) Koigu PPPM
Back home, I also bought a skein of pink Rowan hand knit cotton to make a baby hat - another 92 yards, but I used about 55 yards of it in making the hat during April. Net addition: about 40 yards.

Altogether, that takes my stash up by a total of 1380 yards in April.

I also hate to tell you, but I now have a Local Yarn Store. No need to drive to a yarn shop now, or depend on mail order. I went to take a look, and it stocks Araucania and Colinette as well as more mainstream brands, so I can see there is a potential for my stashdown intent to be severely tested BUT I didn't actually buy any yarn on my reconnaissance visit, so that shows I can exercise self-control when required!

The House cup summer term starts today, so I fully expect to restart on the stashdown effort. Aiming for 800 yards a month to be used up to end of July; I also hope the direction of travel swings back towards reducing stash rather than increasing it during May.