Monday, 7 May 2012


I should be knitting, but I seem to have a disregard for the needles this week. I did a little sewing instead at the weekend. Here's the result:

I adapted it slightly as the applique tree should have gone on to a quilted base, only my quilting was not up to scratch so I abandoned it. I'm only a beginner, so mine is just an applique and not a quilted pillow. It is a little wonky and also, on reflection I think using a brighter colour palette would have been preferable. Might have to consider this one a prototype.

The pattern was from issue 1 of the ill-fated Modern Quilting Magazine. It seems that issue 2 will never reach the shops. The company who published it, along with Sew Hip magazine, has just gone into administration. I know some people disparaged Sew Hip, but I thought it was good for people like me, who like sewing and maybe did a bit at school but who lack confidence and so are looking for reasonably simple patterns with step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures. I had a look at the alternatives whilst in the newsagent this weekend and really, I think there is now a gap in the market. Maybe someone else will jump in and fill it!