Friday, 1 June 2012

Stashdown #5: another stash-up

In May, I had to1 buy yarn for the House Cup term ahead. The terms cover three month blocks, and all major knitting projects have to be proposed - with yarn in hand - during the first month, so inevitably there is some stashing up required at the start. When I bought the lace weight last month, I was thinking of knitting a lace shawl for the House Cup, but unfortunately that idea did not work out (which means there is 930 yards of laceweight sitting in my stash with no identified purpose at present. Sigh.). My alternative plan does use quite a lot of stash but I needed 2 balls of Rowan baby alpaca (200 yards) and one 100g ball of Fortissima colors (400 yards) to complete it. I'm also going to tackle a mid-size project and for that, I bought 2 skeins of Araucania lonco multy - another 880 yards. Total additions in May: 1480 yards.

I did rather less knitting in May than I had hoped. The fine weather put me right off, instead I wanted to sit in the garden and drink Pimms. However, I used up this yarn:

  • 120 yards of KP telemark in a pair of fingerless mitts
  • 100 yards of assorted older stash yarns making a knitted hedgehog and a crocheted angry bird
  • 75 yards of the baby alpaca in part of a rabbit toy
  • 25 yards of Rico essential cotton - mini socks for quidditch:

That's only 320 yards knitted, so the net position in May is additions 1480 minus 320 = 1160.

Not only has my stash grown two months in a row, I now have 440 yards more yarn than I started with in January. That wasn't supposed to happen!

I have been sticking to the rule to complete one project from stash before I may buy yarn for another. It's just that the completed projects have been small and the bought yarn has been for larger projects.

Actually, on current performance, it's safe to increase the rule. How about this for a new rule for the rest of the year? I must now complete minimum TWO projects out of stash before I may buy yarn for ONE new project. Let's hope that improves my Stashdown performance in June. But really, I should just not buy any more yarn. Hopefully I won't need to until August.

1. "Had to". Well, I want to play in the House Cup knitting game, and this is part of that. Maybe not "had to" though. Cough.

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