Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stashdown2012: #4

In April my stashdown was... a stash up!

When I blogged about my New York trip, you'll have noticed I mentioned a yarn shop. My stash grew as follows:
  • 940 yards Malabrigo lace
  • 400 yards (estimate by weight) Koigu PPPM
Back home, I also bought a skein of pink Rowan hand knit cotton to make a baby hat - another 92 yards, but I used about 55 yards of it in making the hat during April. Net addition: about 40 yards.

Altogether, that takes my stash up by a total of 1380 yards in April.

I also hate to tell you, but I now have a Local Yarn Store. No need to drive to a yarn shop now, or depend on mail order. I went to take a look, and it stocks Araucania and Colinette as well as more mainstream brands, so I can see there is a potential for my stashdown intent to be severely tested BUT I didn't actually buy any yarn on my reconnaissance visit, so that shows I can exercise self-control when required!

The House cup summer term starts today, so I fully expect to restart on the stashdown effort. Aiming for 800 yards a month to be used up to end of July; I also hope the direction of travel swings back towards reducing stash rather than increasing it during May.

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