Saturday, 23 June 2012

Follow the White Rabbit

Yesterday I stayed in the house again, this time waiting for a fridge-freezer delivery. And I did indeed finish my bunny as planned:

Here's a view where you can see his fluffy bunny tail:

I made the bunny from a pattern from Mary Jane's tearoom, and it was beautifully written, the instructions were clear and simple to follow, and the result is very cute. 

My white rabbit is wearing Ravenclaw colours (authentic book version, not the screen re-work). He and Alice are supposed to be coming to have tea in the Tower, as part of my Divination OWL. Two of my fandoms are colliding in this one, and I love it! 

Oh yes, my shiny new fridge arrived also. It is fabulously clean compared to my old one, let's hope I can keep it that way. I have to stock the freezer with ice-lollies, but the fridge part is organised already:

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