Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Home Day

I had an unexpected day off, while I waited in for the fridge repair man.

While I was waiting, I enjoyed E. Blyton in the sunshine, along with the obligatory heaps of tomatoes and lashings of ginger beer.

I want it to be known, I didn't do nothing for the entire day, though. I also sewed name tapes into ds's new school clothes, replaced several buttons, and took up a pair of black linen trousers I bought for work. I knitted some more on my bunny. And I sewed a zip into my crocheted purse, so that is now finished.

The fridge-man said the fridge-freezer was uneconomic to repair, so I might have to stay home again in a few days, this time to wait for a new one to be delivered. (Luckily, the fridge part of our fridge-freezer is working just fine. It's the freezer part that is the problem, and that can wait a few days.) Quite like the prospect of another day at home. Maybe I'll finish my bunny.


  1. Oh how I loved Enid Blyton in my youth. Mallory Towers and The Faraway Tree. I had that exact The Spiteful Letters book too and seeing your photo has brought back so many memories!

  2. I'm agreeing with Ruth on this one!
    So many memories.
    I devoured Enid Blyton as a child.

    My primary school best friend had a Famous Five card game, which had food cards. And one of them was ginger beer.
    I tried for so long to like ginger beer when I was young but I never did.

    Ah memories