Sunday, 17 June 2012


This week, I finally seemed to be getting on with my crafting in a more efficient way. I seamed up some mittens that I knitted in May, so they are now finished.

I've knitted about a quarter of my summertime top - beyond the waist shaping now. And that is in fingering weight and stocking-stitch!

I've also knitted all the pieces of my bunny body, and started putting it together. Face embroidery to do next, and clothes to knit.

Yesterday was particularly productive, as I knitted an owl puff, and crocheted most of a watermelon coin purse. And while I was doing this, ds was making his dad a father's day card:

He used these shirt and tie card instructions. It was easy enough for him to do by himself. In the photo, he is looking for suitable collar buttons.

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