Sunday, 22 July 2012

A pre-Olympics trip to London

In one more week, the Olympic Games start in London. Dh had to go to a meeting in London yesterday, so ds and I thought we would join him on the train and have a pre-Olympics day out.

Here I am on the train with my knitting. One and a half hours of uninterrupted crafting time!

Pray excuse ds's face-pulling. He's nine; 'nuff said.

Olympic symbols welcomed us to St Pancras.

Ds and I headed off to the Museum of London. Ds was in his element looking at broken pottery, flint axe-heads, civil war weapons, and bits of metal melted in the Great Fire. We were there for three hours!

Then we caught the Docklands Light Railway to Greenwich Park, which is the venue for the Olympic equestrian events (we couldn't go right out to the Olympic park, as that is in Zone 3 and our travelcards covered only Zones 1 and 2). Olympic security had to be navigated at the National Maritime Museum; G4S didn't send enough staff so it was the army. I was rather glad my knitting was on circs at that point.

On our way back to the DLR, we passed the Cutty Sark:

She is the last surviving tea clipper, from the days when tea was imported to UK from India by fast sailing ship, now in dry dock in Greenwich. I last saw that when I was eleven.

We finished off with a posh dinner at the restaurant at St Pancras station.

What a lovely day! And now ds has seen one of the Olympic venues, he doesn't mind so much that we have no events tickets.

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