Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wet weather activities

We had a downpour yesterday. Our garden was sodden:

My poor herbs are quite drowned. Hope they survive the experience.

Ds had a free day owing to teacher training, so we chose the Nottingham caves as a suitably indoor place for a visit. Here's ds wearing a hard hat:

There are some low ceilings but ds isn't very tall, so it was more fun to wear than essential for safety. At the caves, the live guides have been replaced by an audio tour which didn't really have the same fun factor.

After that we went for refreshments at The Walk cafe, and here again I had some disappointment, as it has changed hands and no longer offers the vintage styling and old-fashioned china teapots. However, ds loved his coke float:

And my tea cup had blue tits on it. I liked that

After that, we went to the bookshop and selected a few titles to take home. Ds has The DemiGod Files and a book about Tom Gates, and I have a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth, which I last read when I was twelve years old. We both agreed that this was the very best part of our day out.

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