Friday, 17 August 2012

Olympic knitting

Well well well. What a lazy person I am in August (looking at ye olde archives, this seems to happen every year!)

The week after we got back from France, I spent a lot of time watching the Olympics on TV. While I was watching, I finished my scarf I started in France. It is made from a kit I bought in New York, and the FO is lovely:

That is Koigu PPPM in eight different shades. Gorgeous, and just the right weight for Autumn, when it arrives in a few weeks.

Last week I had rather a lot on at work. I am hoping for a more active September on the crafting front.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

La Belle France

Feeling all rested and relaxed after a lovely week in beautiful Normandie, where the lavender was in full bloom:

We spent a lot of time by the pool. There were sunny days at the beach too.

We enjoyed wonderful French food, including pancakes:

Ds had fun scooting along the Cabourg promenade:

Dd got to visit a posh chocolatier:

And I also got to spend time in one of my favourite ways:

Dh and I enjoyed drinks for adults. We also brought some calvados home with us, to revive our holiday memories.

I have now achieved my this-year objective, to go on a proper holiday. Not one but two holidays this year! You can read on my blog previously about our trip to New York at Easter.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Stashdown2012 #7

Really, my July crafting progress was most unsatisfactory! I gave up on the socks. I did not even start my planned tea cosy, because it turned out I didn't have the right weight of yarn, and I felt unwilling to buy more yarn in the face of the stashdown. As a result of these decisions, I have failed my Divination OWL this term. But never mind, it's just a game!

Most of my July Stashdown effort was caused by discarding yarn. After frogging the socks, I gave 400 yards of fortissima sock yarn away to the church knitting group. I have learned a lesson here, and that is not to let house cup requirements bounce me into hasty yarn purchase. Also, I sent 240 yards of long-term stash Rowan summer tweed out of the house in a swap parcel. So that's 640 yards gone.

In terms of actual knitting or crochet, I used up
  • About 20 yards crocheting peas in a pod
  • 50 yards in a stashdown dishcloth
  • another 300 yards on my blues summer top, which is now finished:

So the total reduction for the month is 640 given away plus 370 worked up = 1010 yards.

I didn't buy any more yarn in July, but I received 325 yards of Alchemy Haiku in a swap parcel.  So the end of month net position is 685 yards down.