Sunday, 23 September 2012

Flower garden

I sewed some flower pin cushions this weekend. I made them out of wool felt, and using a pattern in issue 38 of Sew Hip magazine.

They are quite simple, folk art type style. I like the one with the little flowers best. I also learned to do French knots whilst making the circular one with the big flower.

I mean to put these in gift parcels for sewing friends. As I have plenty of pin cushions already. But perhaps you can't have too many?

The felt flowers are more reliable than the ones in our garden, at least this year. We suffered from a cool and wet Spring and early summer too. Not only were there fewer flowers than usual, the apples on our trees are very small this year. My purple sage plant and gooseberry bush were drowned owing to heavy rain standing on the ground for a long time. We suffer from clay soil, and are also located at the bottom of a hill, so drainage can be a problem.

It's raining again now. At least we have no water shortages!

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