Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stashdown2012 #8

I didn't do much knitting in August -  too busy being on holidays and generally chilling. But I did complete two items. I made the lovely Koigu scarf I wrote about in my last post. That was 440 yards. And I made a little baby hat, 60 yards, really just so I could get points for Ravenclaw House.  And I scored five Ravellenics Medals in the process!

I'm sending this one off to for distribution. This is a charity that collects knitted and sewn items and sends them where they are needed - maternity hospitals, projects for elderly people, overseas collections etc.

Altogether that was 500 yards worked up. I also discarded some more yarn, as I had some to take to the church group from last month (my sock yarn, still waiting to actually be donated. Blush). I did a quick review of my stash and added to the bag some paton's washed haze (200 yards approx), some old Sirdar country style in a colour I do not like (200 yards) and some Wendy Peter Pan (200 yards approx). So my total down for the month is 1100 yards.

But of course, the Fall term begins today over at the House Cup and so this morning, I went to the yarn shop. I'll tell you what the damage was in my stashdown post on 1 Oct!

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