Monday, 22 October 2012

Dearie dearie me

There has been very little blogging in October to date. Kids have been taking up a lot of attention. Dd's possible university plans involve a lot of discussion, helping her to refine her thoughts and arrive at decision (but there are so many of them! And they all look the same on paper!) I was organising the celebrations for ds's tenth birthday, featured in yesterday's post. Then there was that pesky thing called work. And in my spare time, I've been knitting, and playing quidditch for Ravenclaw house. But it's half term this week, so I am at home and finally have a minute to post on the blog.

Here's a few small projects I finished earlier in the month:

Strawberry tea cosy, for quidditch match:

That was a fun knit! And the FO is quite fun, too.

Gingerbread man, for no reason whatsoever, apart from I thought it would be fun to make:

Pair of Alice-style mittens to keep dd's hands warm while she works on her history essay:

Still working on my shawl, plus a cushion cover with fly agarics on it. More about that next time!

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