Monday, 12 November 2012

Fly Agaric Fan

Long-term readers may remember my fondness for the Fly Agaric. I had another one in my garden this Autumn, and it was awesome:

This photo was taken in the early stages. After that, it got bigger, and flatter, and then released all its spores. Next year, hopefully I will get even more. Although I have cautioned the kids not to touch it, as I hear they are toxic.

In recognition of my fandom, I'm now working on an intarsia cushion, that uses the toadstool motif in its design. Just over half way through the colourwork element, which is driving me mad, actually. It's ten years since I did any intarsia, and that wasn't nearly as complex as this one. Here's the back right now:

What a mess intarsia looks in progress. But hopefully the front will look better, when I've had chance to block it. As I found that made quite a big difference, last time.

I have two weeks to finish this, and my lace shawl, which is at the edging chart. Yes, I am on a House Cup mission! Wish me luck...

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