Friday, 30 November 2012

Stashdown #11

In November I was busy busy crafting. I did not buy any yarn. And I used up:

  • 200 yards Fyberspates scrumptious lace, finishing blossom shawl
  • 450 yards of KP telemark completing the colourwork cushion
  • 200 yards assorted dk - I used various stash yarns to make a cupcake baby hat, a mad hatter's mini top hat, some gingerbread-style xmas decorations and a crochet toadstool
  • 62 yards - all the rest - of my blue Sirdar smiley stripes yarn on a pair of bootees

That's just over 900 yards worked up.

In December I shall most likely not be knitting at all, or if I do, it will only be re-knitting things that didn't work too well. I have a hat and a pair of mitts that are both too big and need reknitting a bit smaller. Should have a nil effect on Stashdown.

I intend to re-catalogue my stash during December, and I will post about that, but I can summarise now by saying I did loads of knitting this year. Between 1 Jan and end Nov, I worked up 8300 yards in total. And although I bought 7587 yards of various new yarns, I did end my 2012 stashdown 714 yards down on where I started, so all good. (Why yes, I also keep detailed spreadsheet records. Didn't you know?!)

I'll be renewing my stashdown vow for 2013, but I think it unlikely I will do so much knitting in the year ahead. I must reduce my participation in the House Cup, as I'd really like to see more of my kids! On the other hand, I won't buy so much yarn either. I sincerely hope.

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