Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stashdown2012: #10

I bought one more lot of yarn at the start of October, for a planned project which is already on the needles - a colourwork cushion. It was approx 820 yards of KP Telemark  - as it's discontinued this was in the sale, so not a lot of outlay. I also visited a yarn shop whilst in Bath, and there I bought 4 balls (550 yards) of Adriafil col, with the intention of making a cardigan for my baby niece, and a ball of Rico creative cotton (90 yards), as I want to see how that works as dishcloth cotton, since it seems to be impossible to buy peaches & cream in the UK at present. Total yarn in = 1460.

I have offset some of this by using up yarn in October.

  • 130 yards of Wendy bliss merino dk making a strawberry tea cosy (it used up so much yarn because the yarn was held double for this project)
  • 110 yards of KP telemark making a pair of mittens for dd
  • 300 yards of Fyberspates scrumptious progressing my shawl
  • 30 yards of rowan wool dk on a gingerbread man. Yes, it's true. I do like to waste time making odd things...
  • 60 yards of KP Telemark on a couple of blanket squares
  • 150 yards of KP telemark on the colourwork cushion
  • 90 yards of Rico essential cotton making a crochet votive cover, and decorative hearts to go on christmas presents

Altogether that was 880 yards used up.

1460 yards in, 880 yards out = net increase of 580.  Kinda hoping I won't buy any more yarn this year now, as otherwise I won't achieve my year end target, to have less yarn than I started the year with. We'll see.

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