Monday, 19 November 2012

The magic of blocking

Remember what my blossom shawl looked like on the needles?

That's right, a crumpled mess.

It still looked like that when it came off the needles, but then I soaked it, squeezed out the water, stretched it out on a large towel (not owning anything approaching a blocking mat) and pinned it out to dry.  (Note: the blue colour has not come out at all in this next shot, I don't know why)

This process is called blocking, and is very important to open out lace. Here are some shots of the shawl during and after blocking, so you can see the effect:

The centre pic above is the truest to the actual colour of the shawl, I don't know why there is so much variation. The third pic was obviously taken outside and may be affected by sunshine, but all three were taken in natural light and the first two in the same location.

I think maybe I won't knit any lace for a while. It is hard work and takes a lot of concentration. The FOs are rather fabulous, though.

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  1. that's amazing! and oh so pretty.

    and impressive.
    Totally worth all that concentrating.