Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dots and stripes review of 2012

This is where I look at the year just gone and sigh at my failure to achieve my last year's objectives.

In 2012 said I would:

reduce my yarn stash, so it fits easily into the two baskets, and I certainly want to finish the year with fewer skeins than I started with.
Partial success! My yarn stash did go down, but only by 700 yards. I have 14 fewer whole balls of yarn, 1 less partial ball, but scraps have gone up by 14. About the same on the fitting-into-baskets front.

aim to achieve a minimum of 12 completed sewing projects over the year, with the rainbow quilt counted as multiple projects, one for each pattern instruction (printed in parts) I complete.
I sewed total 8 projects, not 12. But if you count the rainbow quilt as multiple projects, as I said I would, it was the equivalent of 3 projects during 2012 so that would take the total up to 10. Still less than I hoped. Oh well.

try not to add to the long term languishing list.
Unfortunately the list grew by one. :-(

do more cultural things, especially with the children; support dd through her A Level journey and help ds to improve his handwriting; all of us to go on holiday.
I went to New York with dd at Easter and we had a truly cultural time, which included architecture, modern art, film locations, and immersion in a foreign culture (even though we speak the same language, I found the USA totally different to the UK). In August we spent a wonderful week in France by the sea on a family holiday. Ds and I went to Bath in October on a short visit. We made a lot of historical excursions, some of  which were practically on our doorstep, like Creswell Crags in Nottinghamshire. Both children seem to be getting on just fine at school. So all in all, top marks for this one.

stay employed, so I can afford to do all of the above.
Achieved this one too, and since they are now recruiting again in my work area, I'm not too worried about this for next year. Although I'd quite like a move for greater job interest, I can't see that really being feasible until ds has started secondary school, so I'll have to make the best of the employment I have in 2013.

What are your successes in 2012, dear reader? And your hopes for 2013?

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