Sunday, 13 January 2013

Chocolate cake

Since I'm knitting a bit less frantically this term, I'm finding more time for other things. The ironing was done before it became a vast mountain; I'm living in a moderately tidy house. Yesterday, I even made a cake. A quarter of it was gone before I even photographed it:

This recipe makes a very rich cake by the addition of grated chocolate to the mix, along with some milk, at the final mixing stage. The icing is melted chocolate and a bit of butter, which is no doubt very bad for you. I scattered chopped hazelnuts on top. It might be nice with whole hazelnuts too.

In the making of this cake, my hand mixer gave up. I think it may possibly have been damaged by dd pulling out the beaters with brute force instead of pressing the release button.  However, it pre-dates my marriage so it's had a very good spell, and I have used it right to the bitter end. It's a pity I went to the recycling centre with the electricals already, but I guess this provides incentive for another visit.

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