Sunday, 6 January 2013

January reductions

Hello! Happy New Year! I decided not to set any craft-based goals this year, apart from the stashdown one, but I am hoping to lead a more sustainable life in 2013.

Since Christmas, I've been working on a January de-clutter and house clean-up. My goal is to reduce my stuff by at least 100 things during January.

I took stock of my wardrobe, donated some clothes to goodwill, and threw some other torn and damaged clothes away. At the same time, I made a list of clothes I actually need, which I hope will have a positive financial effect in 2013 and prevent unnecessary purchases. I still have to look at my shoes, but I plan the same approach. I don't have many shoes, anyway. You'll probably find this hard to believe, but I only have two pairs of shoes I can wear for work! I really need some more.

I erased all the data on an ancient and damaged laptop that used to belong to dd (this has been sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe for nearly two years, so it's beyond time). I collected some other broken electricals from around the house, and they are all in the boot of my car ready to be dropped off at the recycling centre this week. (I could alternatively try and sell them for spare parts on ebay, but don't think I want the hassle.)

For Christmas I had some DVD versions of videos I already owned. I plan to offer the old videos on freecycle, as the charity shops round here don't accept videotapes any more. And if there are no takers, they will have to go to landfill :-(

I already sorted out my yarn baskets in December and made up a bag of donated yarn for the church knitting group. Last week, I reviewed my books and saved magazines and reduced them (all of them, not just the crafting part) by about 10%. I will take the books to the charity shop, but the magazines I'll probably offer for sale on Ravelry. I still haven't tackled my children's book collection in the loft, but I do think it time I got rid of some, as I will probably never read some again.

I also cleared the kitchen cupboards of out-of date-food and stashed some of the dried goods in previously unused storage jars. I think this counts as making the most use of what I have.

It's a pity other members of my family don't share my de-clutter zeal, as then I really would have a chance to live in a clutter-free house. But I'd rather have them (and their stuff!) around than live tidily by myself.

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