Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Frozen North Will Be Very Cold

I'm well aware I live in a temperate zone, so I probably don't know what real cold is (although, I did go to Leningrad, as it was then, in February 1990. That was pretty cold - even the sea was frozen over in places). However, we do have snow and temperatures below freezing here in the Trent Valley right now. Here's a photo I took this morning:

The slope of our road makes it suitable for sledging. We might go out a bit later, although currently ds thinks it might be too chilly. 

If I have to stay in, I shall be knitting while wearing my new, warm socks:

I knitted them using some of the Adriafil knitcol I bought in Bath last October, so this is stash down. I used a pattern from p/hop. P/hop is a knitting fundraising project for Medecins sans frontieres. You can choose from a range of patterns, and make a donation online. These socks are a pattern by Erssie called Easy Ribbed DK socks. They are very cosy. 

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