Saturday, 23 February 2013

Half Term Report

Busy half-term. I took dd down to Exeter to scrutinise the University there. As it was so far, we had to stay overnight (ds stayed at home with his dad. He wouldn't have enjoyed it).  I took this pic on the accommodation tour, as the parents went to a different Hall than the prospective students.

I have to say, my overriding impression was that it will be very expensive. Of course, I already knew this.... :-( We might have to forego holidays for the next three years, if she goes.

The best things about the trip were:
  • historic Exeter. I loved the look of the cathedral, and the roman walls. Dd was more interested in the shopping. 
  • having dinner with friends who I hadn't seen for 20 years
  • delicious breakfast in the Jury's Inn
  • train travel involving four hours each way of unremitted knitting time. Although unfortunately, I was too tired to do any on the way home.
I took ds out on Friday to buy his scout's uniform, as he is graduating from Cubs. We stopped off for a drink; here's the lovely vintage pot my tea came in:

I also found time to finish off my quilt on Friday afternoon:

My nephew has been born this week, so it's very timely. I think this quilt will work well for a little boy, and I'm pleased to report this is a fabric stashdown success, as all the materials I used in it were on hand. In the end, I used red gingham for the binding, cut on the bias.

I enjoyed sewing something so much, I think I'll do some more.

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