Sunday, 17 February 2013

Woodland baby quilt

This weekend, my decluttering eye fell on my fabric stash. I have three plastic boxes with lids, stacked in the dining room, sadly (we just don't have enough cupboard space) plus one of those under-bed boxes on castors, which mainly contains quilt wadding and fleece material.

My SIL is expecting a baby and I wanted to make a new baby gift. It's due quite soon, but she has been very secretive over whether it is boy or girl. So I hope this will be perceived as a unisex crib quilt. I chose a woodland theme - since there seem to be a large amount of related fabrics in my stash. I didn't really use a pattern for this, but I read the tutorial at Cloud 9 fabrics. My quilt has smaller squares and more of them, though, really just because I had eight fabrics I wanted to use. I'll also be adding a binding to the edges, as I like the finish it gives to a quilt.

On Saturday afternoon, I cut out 42 5 1/2 ins squares, laid them out in rows on the table, and pinned:

Then on Sunday, I sewed 7 rows each of six squares, attached the rows, made a quilt sandwich with a piece of batting and some green gingham for the reverse, and quilted the pieces together.

I can still only do straight line quilting. I really MUST take a class or something, as I would quite like to improve my quilting skills; I feel like I'm at a bit of an impasse.

I still need to bind this quilt. That might be a task for next weekend, after I've looked in my fabric boxes again to see if I have any plain red or plain dark green fabric.

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