Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Easter egg:

Easter bunny (with boy):

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Brighton rock

I took dd on another university visit last weekend - to Brighton on the south coast. Since my last visit in 1988, the west pier has been irretrievably damaged by fire, but the other pier is still open and worth a visit, even though the weather on this occasion was not ideal.

We were rather windswept on our walk along the sea front. The starlings were still demonstrating murmuration, which was fascinating to watch. I found a YouTube video of them flocking over the remains of the West Pier, in case you also want to see this:

On Saturday, we spent several hours on campus, including tours of the library and several types of accommodation. In the computer centre I noted that although some students were obviously working, others were looking at Facebook. So not all students are 100% studious :-)  also quite amused (and heartened) to see the long-term Sussex reputation for radical student activism is being maintained, as evidenced by protest and occupy banners (something to do with outsourcing of support services by the University).

I knitted away on my jumper on the train journey down, but was too tired to do any on the way back. I really don't think I'll make my (self-imposed) deadline on this one. I've got more than 1.5 sleeves left to go.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Over the Rainbow

As I'm on a general mission to reduce, I don't buy books for myself; however, I'm quite happy to receive books as presents and I jumped for joy when dd gave me this one for my birthday (more than two months ago, but I only got round to writing about it now).

These authors previously published a similar book about Alice, who is also one of my enthusiasms, and I had that one from the library a while ago. This Wizard of Oz one is equally awesome. It's a generalised craft book, but it has some sewing projects in it, I especially liked the patchwork apron:

There were also some fun food recipes, some classics like cherry pie and french crullers, and some more inventive ones, like this stunning rainbow cake:

The other crafts are a lovely mix, such as paper balloons, witch's candles, emerald hair clasps. I'd love to try some of the ideas. And think it would be an awesome base for a themed party.

While I'm writing about the wizard of oz, tangentially, I took ds to see Wreck-It Ralph recently and really enjoyed the references to the classic movie, such as the poppy fields, the wizard who isn't what he seems, the guard sequence at the wicked witch of the west's castle. My mum has the original film on DVD, so I must borrow it next time I visit.

When I do try any crafts from this book, be sure I'll write about it here ;-)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Library books

I haven't written for a while. Last weekend I was actually ill, and spent most of it curled up under the duvet feeling very sorry for myself. Was well enough not to miss any work work this week though.

Yesterday, I took ds to visit our brand new library. As a aside, I find it rather astonishing that my local authority should spend £5.3million on that in these straitened times, when they've just  sacked about 20% of the workforce. Their strange priorities also include £900K for a new scoreboard for the cricket ground, which charges an arm and a leg for admission to matches. Now that really is catering to the few.

The new library was very well stocked. Ds chose 6 books while I perused the craft section, but to be honest I found it a bit crowded on Saturday, so I didn't choose any. Anyway, I couldn't have carried any more books home. My arm nearly came out of its socket as it was, because ds's choices included the visual encyclopaedia of Dr Who and some hardbacks in the heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

Next time I go, because despite what I wrote above, I am still an enthusiastic library service user, I will hopefully bring home some knitting books.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Thrifty finds

We scoured the local charity shops this afternoon looking for an outfit for ds to wear on World Book Day. The brief is to go to school dressed as a sci-fi character, or a superhero. Ds will be attending as the eleventh doctor:

Corduroy Jacket: Zara basics, £5.99 from Age UK shop.
Red bow tie: Unlabelled, £1.50 from Hospice shop
Braces: on loan from dad
Sonic screwdriver: model's own

Such a lovely day. The sun shone; dh cut the grass; we sat outside the tea shop enjoying a cup of Earl Grey in the afternoon.