Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Brighton rock

I took dd on another university visit last weekend - to Brighton on the south coast. Since my last visit in 1988, the west pier has been irretrievably damaged by fire, but the other pier is still open and worth a visit, even though the weather on this occasion was not ideal.

We were rather windswept on our walk along the sea front. The starlings were still demonstrating murmuration, which was fascinating to watch. I found a YouTube video of them flocking over the remains of the West Pier, in case you also want to see this:

On Saturday, we spent several hours on campus, including tours of the library and several types of accommodation. In the computer centre I noted that although some students were obviously working, others were looking at Facebook. So not all students are 100% studious :-)  also quite amused (and heartened) to see the long-term Sussex reputation for radical student activism is being maintained, as evidenced by protest and occupy banners (something to do with outsourcing of support services by the University).

I knitted away on my jumper on the train journey down, but was too tired to do any on the way back. I really don't think I'll make my (self-imposed) deadline on this one. I've got more than 1.5 sleeves left to go.

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