Monday, 29 April 2013

I'm still here...

This blog is supposed to be about crafting, but I just haven't had the opportunity.

The cooking and entertaining marathon of dd's birthday weekend was followed by two tremendously busy working weeks, dh working away for five days, more computer failures. Last weekend I mostly did domestic drudgery, plus driving up to Leeds to pick up a laptop on temporary loan from my brother, while I save up some money to pay for a new laptop for dd. As she clearly needs another. I did sew a lot of badges onto ds's new scout shirt, but that's not the kind of sewing I can blog about!

I'm taking a break from House Cup crafting as well this term, so I'll have even less motivation to craft. Slightly concerned that the stashdown objective is not working well in terms of crafting. I seem to have a bit of a stop on buying new yarn for possible projects. I suppose the answer to this is to get on with finishing my laceweight sweater (stalled at middle of first sleeve), or cast on for the socks and sleeveless top I could make out of yarn I have in hand.

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