Friday, 5 April 2013

Normal Service...

... will be resumed as soon as we have reliably functioning equipment.

Dd dropped her laptop last week. It seemed OK at first, and I thought we'd had a lucky escape, but now it keeps turning itself off without warning, so it has gone to the computer shop for a diagnosis. It is only two years old, so I hope it can be fixed.

Our home PC, which is pretty old, has become increasingly erratic at start up. Today I got nothing but a black screen on boot-up. Eventually I got my screwdriver out, took the back off the base unit and re-seated all the connections in the hope that might help. It has since launched Windows but I fear it's just a temporary fix.

I MUST get an external hard drive tomorrow and do a proper back up (assuming I can turn it on...), as though all my docs and most photo files are now backed up on disk, the iTunes library and the New York photos from last year are too big to load on a DVD-RW, so something rather larger is needed.

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