Monday, 1 April 2013

Stashdown #3: March 2013

My stashdown report is not so good, this month. I was hoping to be able to report 1000 yards out on my finished laceweight sweater, but unfortunately I'm still on the first sleeve, so that is still a way off. I estimate I have knitted up getting on for 700 yards so far, though.

My stash went up this month, as I received 440 yards of lovely sock yarn in a swap parcel.

For my side of the swap, there was nothing really swapable in my stash, so I had to buy a skein of yarn to send. At least I managed not to buy any yarn for myself at the same time!

Yardage in: 440 yards.

I have done very little non-sweater knitting. I made a bunny made from a square - 25 yards of dk yarn - a dishcloth out of Rico creative cotton - 40 yards - and a crochet Easter egg - 25 yards of Rico cotton dk. That's 90 yards of FOs.

I also de-stashed some of the older yarn in my stash. About 250 yards of dishcloth cotton is gone: I have to face it, I do not like the yarn colour.

Total yardage out: 340 yards

Change this month: +100.
YTD: +187

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