Friday, 31 May 2013

Stashdown #5 May 2013

Although I resisted yarn shops in May, I have to report a yarn addition, recycled to me by a fellow House Cupper who is also in pursuit of stashdown. 616 yards of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes: I'm collecting thirteen different colours with the intention of making a felted bag with intarsia flowers.

+616 plus 187 carried forward from last month leaves me at +803.

However, that can come down! First of all, I read a magazine article about destashing this month, which encouraged me to look again at my leftovers and get rid of some I really won't use again. As a result, I discarded 535 yards of yarn, in the form of 3 scraps and 4 partials. I also discovered I had miscalculated one of my previous discards, when I looked at yardage info on Ravelry, so that was another 100 to come off previously. 803-635 = +168.

And then in May, I was crafting and used up:
  • 85 yards rico creative cotton crocheting a heart mobile, which I sent to my grandma for her birthday. (Ninety three this year, and still living at home by herself. I hope I'm in that kind of shape at her age)
  • 366 yards making a lovely pair of socks I blogged about previously. Oh, they are adorable. I put them on and I smile.
  • 92 yards 4ply on a pair of golden baby shoes, on my languishing list for about a year.
That's 543 yards of yarn worked up.

Meaning that for the first time this year, I'm really stashing down! Woot! I did the maths: 168 - 543 = -375 yards. And it will get better! I am working on my DADA jumper again.

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