Friday, 7 June 2013

In the loop

This week, I had occasion to go to London - for work, but owing to the booked train times, I found I had nearly an hour to spare in the afternoon, before I had to catch my train at St Pancras. So I jumped on the Northern Line, got off at the Angel, Islington, and made my way to Loop.

I'm on a yarn diet, so I was trying to be just looking. My stashdown rules do however permit me to buy yarn for a single identified project at a time, with the intention of an immediate start.

That's the only yarn I bought, and I call that a win. I intend to wind it later and start on a hat from this book:

My stashdown doesn't say anything about not adding crafting books, and this is the first one I bought this year. It has some beautiful patterns in it, so I'm hoping it won't join the large number of books in my library I still haven't actually made anything from. Maybe that will need to be addressed as part of sustainability in the future, to do with making the most of what I have?

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